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The actual purpose for my summer in Singapore was actually so I could intern with a very popular hospitality company called Banyan Tree. I worked with their interior design team on various projects. Due to confidentiality, I can't get very specific on what we were working on, but I will try my best to explain some of the opportunities I got to have. I figured the best way to do this would be to make a employer report which will high and answer some common questions below!

Name: Banyan Tree: Luxury Hotel and Resorts

Semester: Summer 2019

Location: Bukit Batok, Singapore

Overview: Banyan Tree owns and operates mostly all of their resorts which can be found pretty much all over the world. They focus on locations in south east asia and in the caribbean. They have offices in Singapore, Shanghai, and Chiang Mai. Banyan Tree actually a few different resort bands. They have Angsana, Banyan Tree, Cassia, and Dhawa. Each brand has a different focus, but all emphasize sustainability, relaxation, and comfort. They work very hard to make sure these resorts have cultural influences and often take design inspiration from their project's country and culture.

Department: Interior Design (Architrave)

Tasks: Production of presentations, 3D modelling, researched and inception of Design Concept ideas and materials. Mostly worked on various resort guest rooms.

Culture: The Culture of Banyan Tree was very interesting. Everyone on the design team was very nice and they felt like a family. Everyone works hard but also plays hard. Most of the interior design and architecture team had been working for Banyan Tree since the beginning (1994) so many of my coworkers were significantly older than me which was interesting.

Compare/ Contrast: I really loved my time at Banyan Tree but there was a lot I had to get used to at first. The first day I arrived they sat me down and immediately got me working on a project with no introduction which was unusual. I was told later that they do that to see how adaptable you are. The days were also quite long and our deadlines were very tight which was something I haven't experienced before. I think I spent too much time working on tasks and trying find in these deadlines that i missed a valuable opportunity to get closer with some of coworkers. Overall it was a very difficult internship but I really did learned soo much and Im very grateful that i had to opportunity to work there.

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