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iida fashion show_san diego county - fall 2018

During my time at HBG - San Diego, I was able to join their IIDA Fashion Show team. Every year Internation Interior Design Association chapters all over the world host fashion shows sponsored by different material manufactures.  On a team with four other designers, we were tasked to create an outfit inspired by Antoni Gaudi's architecture and the cultural influence of the hippie movement, using only materials donated by Tarkett and Bernhardt.


Hippie: A person of unconventional appearance, typically having long hair, wearing beads, associated with a subculture involving a rejection of conventional values and the taking of hallucinogenic drugs.

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new doc 2019-02-19 00.48.58_1.jpg

Voids - Mosaics - Curvilinear Forms - Elongated Elements - Accent Colors - movement - Layered Clothes - Accessories

Casa Batllo by Antoni Gaud: Our piece is heavily inspired by elements at Casa Batllo: the flower crown is inspired by the red roses on the balcony while the shawl and pants are inspired by the creams and blues of the interior courtyard. The top draws inspiration from the front façade of Casa Vicens, and the shape of the shawl is reminiscent of the Portal at Casa Miralles. We incorporated Tarkett LVT and Bernhardt fabric in the flower crown, Bernhardt fabric with accents of Tarkett VCT and Photoluminescent Strips in the shawl. The top is constructed with Bernhardt fabric and adorned in several Tarkett materials, while the pants are created with Bernhardt fabric as well as fabric from the grab and a touch of Tarkett at the bell bottom.

Swirling Ceiling.jpg
final design and event photos
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