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lighting design - summer 2020

A Jungle Trip is a lighting design group project done by myself, Patty Sue Gibboney, and Gabi Olsen.  This project started with us taking illuminance measurements throughout our site and observing the natural daylight that affects our space. We then did some preliminary space planning for a biophilic cafe we were assigned. We were tasked with creating a unique space through intentional lighting choices. We wanted our lighting to highlight our design choices and create different experiences between the different zones. From cozy seating with intimate lighting to our bright retail shelves, this project tackled it all. Full project and lighting studies are published below. 

Photoshop Perspective Renders

Retreat Club Presentation

Inspirtation 1.jpeg
Inpsiration 7.jpeg
Inspiration 8.jpeg
concept imagery 
View 1.2.jpg

interior lounge render 

Render 1.jpg

interior bar render

Vertical Floor Plans Website Graphics (No text)-01.png
Vertical Floor Plans Website Graphics (No text)-03.png

floor plan

glow plan

rendered sections
Section 1.jpg
Section 2.jpg

Full project with analysis and specifications

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