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The Favorites

As my time in singapore is coming to an end, I wanted to quickly mention some of the amazing places I got to see while over here.

1. The Singapore Zoo/ Night Safari

The Singapore Zoo and Night Safari is absolutley fantastic. They have an amazing variety of animals from all over the world and their parks are full of activities for every one. One of the best things about the zoo is this huge aviary they have full over birds and animals found in South East Asia. This such a great opportunity to get up close and person with the animals. The Night Safari had a bat walk which is such a cool experience. It is essentially a huge cage guest can walk through full of bats. The feeling of them flying past you is unlike anything I had seen before. 10/10 a must do.

2. Newton Food Center

Newton Food Center became one of our favorite places to eat. Although it is a little touristy, the food is great and the atmosphere is electric. My friend Hal and I would also get a place of chicken wings and a tiger beer, but some of the other great food we tried were Stingray, Chili Crab, and various other traditional malay and indian dishes.

3. Chinatown

Chinatown is another really fun place in singapore. There is always something to do there and the food is amazing! Hal and I would find a lot of nightlife there as well. You can do everything from souvenir shopping to looking at traditional chinese temples. Chinatown is located right downtown, making the blend of the traditional and modern architecture is amazing.

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