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The Cuisine

As I mentioned in my last post, Singapore is basically an island melting pot of cultures from all over the world. This makes for a very important food scene. Singapore is famous for their hawker centers. These are almost like giant food courts with a wide variety of options at very affordable prices. Each stall has a speciality dish that they serve that are almost always phenomenal. Some of these stalls have even received Michelin stars for their food.

My favorite dish that Singapore is famous for is hands down their duck (or chicken) rice. It is such a simply meal but there is really nothing like it. After living here the first time, my family fell in love with chicken rice and sadly realized it is almost impossible to find it in the states. The Indian food here is also incredible. Another favorite dish of mine is Roti Prata with curry. It is similar to Naan but is almost more doughy. They sometimes come filled with cheese or if you are craving something sweet, they also serve dessert Prata.

Roti Prata

While the food here is incredible, I do miss cooking. The place the program found for us doesn't have a kitchen so that has was a little strange to get used to, but thankfully unlike everything else the food here is very affordable (if done correctly). In the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) station by our housing there is a little stand that sells all kinds of breads and that has quickly become one of everyone's favorite places to eat. The bread is sweet and so soft, yet blends perfectly which both the sweet and savory flavors they have.

I honestly feel like I could talk about the food here all day but there is no way I would do it any justice. The bottom line: If you love food, come to Singapore. To save us both time i'll stop trying to poorly describe all the amazing foods here and will instead just post pictures i've remembered to snap before eating. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

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