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Photoshop Floor Plan and  RCP Renders

design inspiration

Talavera Patterns


Aztec Patterns

Traditional Mexican Pattern.jpg
Early Diagraming
Oculus Plan Diagram_edited.jpg
Spacial Diagram
Spacial Seating Diagram.jpg
Circulation Diagram
Oculus Plan Diagram.jpg
Photoshop Rendered Plan
Low Quality - RenderedOculus Furniture P
Photoshop Perspectives
Balcony View.jpg
Seating View 2.o.jpg


temporary kiosk design - spring 2019

In this three-week project, I was tasked with creating a temporary seasonal kiosk to be placed in the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, The Oculus. Each student in my studio picked a country to represent through our designs. I chose Mexico as the country to represent, specifically the elegant city of Puebla, Mexico. I want to show the side of Mexico often overlooked. Instead of mariachi bands and bright colors, I drew inspiration from the expensive and historically rich Talavera pottery. My spatial planning was inspired by the traditionally organic shapes on Talavera tiles paired with the geometric shapes found in Aztec architecture. 

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