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The Culture

The culture of Singapore is very unique compared to its neighboring countries. Singapore just recently got its independence almost 55 years ago and serves as a melting pot of cultures from all over the world. Sometimes referred to as where "East Meets West" there are influences from all over Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The island feels like the mixture of the cultures making for an incredible place to find all the best things from all over the world, especially the food! I mean even the McDonalds here is better

Aside from all that, Singapore is one of, if not THE, cleanest in the world. They have some of the most intense laws going as far to fining people for chewing gum, spitting in public, and of course littering. Well, you can chew gum in Singapore, it is just illegal to buy or dispose of it improperly. When I first got here I thought it was a little ridiculous but makes a little more sense after my friend explained it to me this way. Before Singapore got their independence in 1965, no one was ever "from" singapore. With a incredibly population of Chineses, Malays, Indians, Eurasians, and countless other group, no one really considered Singapore home. There was a lack of nationalism and pride which lead to people not respecting the city. They would stick their gum anywhere and throw trash wherever was convenient. Once Singapore got their indepence the government said no more.

Aside from a physically clean city, Singapore feels morally clean as well. Because so many people with different cultures, traditions, and religions share such a small island, everyone seems very accepting of each other. At least from my perspective, everyone has been very nice and accepting for each other. If you treat other people with respect they seem to do the same to you (imagine that!) It has been so cool to come back see how the traditional cultures from all over the world blend so well with the incredible futurist look of the modern city.

*Images not taken by me

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